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The Red Rag Pantry

Please help us feed families in the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square!


Support FURIE’s Food Pantry: The Red Rag, now located at 3601 W Armitage Ave, Chicago IL.

(previously located a few blocks east at 3521 W Cortland)

In Columbia and other Latin American communities, the Red Rag stands for the immediate need of Community Solidarity and Empowerment during a crisis, especially when the government has failed The Masses. What started as a cry for help, red rags hung on the doors of homes starving under an apathetic government, has evolved into a battle cry against the endless oppression.  


Before COVID-19, a monumental National Food Crisis was already decimating communities in the United States, leaving tens of millions struggling to feed themselves and their families. Today, over 54 million of us don’t have enough food, up from 37 million pre-COVID. 

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This Crisis now cripples over 15% of adults and 20% of children in Chicago, Cook County.

In July, 470,000 people visited traditional food pantries, up more than double from 205,000 in January. The ten Chicago zip codes with the highest rates of food insecurity are over 90% Black.


The hungry come after the traditional pantries have been depleted. Due to rampant unemployment and the abandoned stimulus, those in need arrive daily. The Red Rag is a stand-alone, open-air food pantry available 24/7 for anyone to take as they need, no restrictions.  


Donations can be dropped off directly at the pantry at any time.  For larger donations, please call 773-862-3049 to set up a pick-up or drop-off.  


We are also accepting monetary donations, since donated supplies go quickly and need to be replenished often.  We accept donations through PayPal at and ask that you specify “for the pantry” in the notes to help with our record-keeping and transparency.


This is the time where neighborhood solidarity is needed most!

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