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Normally, we would also suggest getting out in the community with us and coming to one of our events!  We'd love to meet you and talk in person. 

In the face of COVID-19, we are not stopping, but shifting much of our work online!  Now is the time to be making moves of our own as the government continues to fail us.  That being said, at this point, our self-defense training has been postponed while we have made our book club online and international!

Ideas on ways to reach out and navigate in this new landscape?  Skills in marketing, graphic design, social media, or something else you think is relevant?  Please reach out!


We are always welcoming new involvement in the areas listed below, but feel free to contact us with any radical new ideas of your own!  For more details on any of our events, check out our Community page.


~Social Media: Submit posts for our Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter main pages, with the potential to hone in on your specific interests with one of our partner pages.  Put your skills to use for the community and develop your voice!


~Self Defense:  We have been going two years strong with our women’s self defense training and are looking to expand.  Join us for a trip flyering in the neighborhood or help out with a fundraiser to keep the program running.


~Radical Readers Literary Salon:  Be a part of our community education and growth over a good book.  Book suggestions, inspiring questions, and outreach assistance are all appreciated.


~Fighting the Military Industrial Complex: FURIE is proud to partner with international women’s groups to demand an end to America’s endless wars.  Learn more about the logistics and help organize an anti-war movement for the 21st century.


~The PanWomanist Journal:  We are always accepting submissions for The PanWomanist.  Artwork, poetry, fiction and nonfiction are all welcome! For help developing work, check out our weekly Writing Workshops.


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