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The PanWomanist is FURIE's radical journal focused on sharing the art and stories of women across the globe as part of our movement to destroy the patriarchal, capitalist, white supremacist systems that have wrought havoc on our planet for far too long.  Check out our latest articles here.

PanWomanism is an ideology (and new collective destiny) of women united internationally with women’s leadership of the third world, in political alignment with their movements, material demands, and culture against the foundation of modern patriarchy under European colonialism and white male domination. 


In practice, it means implementing women’s liberation by any means necessary to build the Revolution based on indigenous sovereignty and workers’ ownership of land and production.


The term "PanWomanism" came from lessons learned by both Pan-Africanism and Womanism for the justice movement we are focused on building, and the new world we must create together. 


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