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Women's Self Defense Training



We aren't letting the cold get in our way, and are finishing up signing contracts for our exciting partnership for our indoor location for our training to continue!

We practice 3x weekly Self-Defense Training for women (Karate and Taekwondo). Sundays are our most recommended class for learning with our Black Belt Instructor present, and Tuesdays & Thursdays are community extra practice days with sparring. Newcomers are always welcome at both!

Cost: $5 Requested Donation (Whatever You Can Pay, But No Sister Will Be Turned Away)

"At the height of the Black Panther Party, Black Women were the majority. And a lot of the community programs including political education, weapons training, and martial arts were organized and lead by us."
~Ashanti Alston Omowal


This event is for all self-identified Women and Non-Binary people. (No CisGender Men attendees)

All levels of experience welcome!
Jump in at any time - you don’t need to attend any previous class to join.

This is an ongoing self-defense program that will be repeating weekly. You will need repeated practice to reap the benefits of self-defense for when you need it most!

We encourage you to bring your daughter to learn if they are old enough. Children are also welcome to come play on the side or sit and watch.  However, there is no formal childcare.

This is an ongoing self-defense program.  Check the calendar and stay tuned for our upcoming FB page for Fall--coming soon!

(Accessibility note: our indoor space requires using stairs--let us know if you need any accommodations)

"At the individual level, violence is a cleansing force. It rids the colonized of their inferiority complex, of their passive and despairing attitude. It emboldens them and restores their self-confidence. When they have used violence to achieve national liberation, the masses allow nobody to come forward as “liberator.” They prove themselves to be jealous of their achievements and take care not to place their future, their destiny, and the fate of their homeland into the hands of a living god."

~Frantz Fanon
Concerning Violence 


FURIE Literary Salons

FURIE Readers Literary Salon is fighting against the increasing anti-intellectualism in our society and creating radical community through our monthly book clubs, featuring authors who write unapologetically about the political landscape of our world, whether it be through the historical and psychological writing of Frantz Fanon that analyzes global oppression, or works of fiction that delve into and expose the racism and sexism entrenched in our culture, such as Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye.Join us monthly for radical discussion as we broaden our understanding of the world around us and draw parallels to organizations and educational structures today. We enjoy food and welcome drink donations, (or BYOB to share) as we grow together as a community.


Next Literary Salon: Emergent Strategy (pt. 1) by adrienne maree brown

Sunday, December 8th


Facebook Event Page

We will be reading this book in two parts! Discussion on the first half will be December 8th at 6pm. Part 2: TBA :)

Part 1: pages 1-150, or INTRO through the end of RESILIENCE
Part 2: pages 151-end, or CREATING MORE POSSIBILITIES through OUTRO

Free PDF of part 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AImqSHMNKbF7bmRnxJfN-9RaiZ1xWbA_/view?usp=sharing

“Emergent strategy is...awakening to the sacred systems of life all around us.”

Adrienne Marie Brown brings us Emergent Strategy as “a cluster of thoughts in development, observations of existing patterns, and questions,” — an amalgamation her own diverse experiences in movement building and applications of the wisdom and insight of other strong women leaders. Two of her greatest inspirations are Octavia Butler, who dared to imagine a different world in her science fiction, and Grace Lee Boggs, a longtime activist in the Civil Rights movement and in Detroit who had the acumen to learn and evolve from what was no longer working in the 21st century.

Having read the writings of both women in our previous Literary Salons, we are excited to join Brown on her journey and compare notes. Emergent Strategy was published less than 3 years ago as her first book, and has already made waves in communities and among organizers as a refreshing and invigorating perspective on living and engaging in social change. Her work accepts and adapts to the chaos rather than obstinately trying to fight it. Even her approach to the layout of the book is fluid and varied, exemplifying the practice of emergence that colors her written and community work. Quotes and poetry are interwoven with thoughts, observations, and personal anecdotes and experiences.

Join us for food and drink (BYOB) as we share our own thoughts on this contemporary work, adding to the discussion that is ever evolving as we approach the 2020s! Email us at furie.chicago@gmail.com or message us on Facebook for the address.

Furious Writers! Writing Workshops

Every Friday at 7pm

Email furie.chicago@gmail.com or message us on Facebook for location

Radical Novelists, Radical Playwrights, Radical Cartoonists, any and all Radicals who have something to say!

This year, finally sit down to pen that article you’ve been bleeding to write, or to develop your play about the fucked up Amazon factory you slave at 13 hours a day, or to outpour your oppression through visual art. Or even finesse your résumés and cover letters to get out of that factory or service industry job, because it's hard to rebel on a modern day plantation. FURIE’s Writing Workshops are here to create that space for solidarity, encouragement, and motivation needed to get it done.

Writing, like any true act of resistance and rebellion, can be almost impossible in America. We have been constantly and intentionally distracted in efforts to dumb us down (efforts that have been successful in far too many cases). The American Empire is crumbling, leaving us at one of the highest points of anti-intellectualism in our history. The power elite are thrilled to have the masses mindlessly accepting their self-indulgent narrative. This is apparent everywhere from fluff entertainment news and magazines, to the mainstream media, to the “hallowed halls” of academia, where students are taught how to better fit into our crooked system, rather than how to fight and destroy the system itself.

To add insidious insult to agonizing injury, as women, we have been told--both directly and implicitly in the responses and admonishments when we do speak up--that our voices don’t matter.

But in fact, this withering environment is where our voices and our art are most needed. We reject the ruthless commodification of our time, instead utilizing it for individual and communal benefit, improving skills that are becoming increasingly undervalued in our culture.

The first edition of The PanWomanist (FURIE’s Literary Journal) was the culmination of our earlier, more informal writing workshops. If The PanWomanist or the FURIE page has inspired you, this is an ideal opportunity to get involved. Come with ideas or articles that need development, and we will all work together.

As a community-focused organization, FURIE is excited to provide firstly, a creative and welcoming space where you can work in peace. If you have been wanting to write something or had an idea but just haven’t been able to carve out the time, this is your opportunity. Secondly, it is a space to have your work heard, to perhaps practice for performance or see how it sounds out loud, and to receive feedback in a constructive environment.

Join us every Friday at 7pm at FURIE House (send us a FB message or email us at furie.chicago@gmail.com for address, accessible by Kimball and Armitage buses). If you want someone to meet you at a bus stop nearby, please reach out and we can arrange that as well. Bring your computer, notebook, or whatever artistic tools you need. It is a comfortable environment, open to all levels of experience and genres of writing and artistic mediums, but we are serious about developing our work and only ask that you are too.

"No black woman writer in this culture can write ‘too much.’ Indeed, no woman writer can write ‘too much’ ...No woman has ever written enough."
-bell hooks

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