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Radical Syllabus

FURIE is committed to making the radical works we read for our Literary Salons as accessible as possible, so we provide free PDF copies of each of them as an educational resource. 


Whether you've attended in the past and want to review, or are looking to get an idea of the types of works we read, or are just getting into politics and want some reading material, this archive is a great starting point.  We are still building it, so keep checking back as we update!

Note: Many of these works are copyrighted and are to be used purely for educational purposes, not for financial gain.

Corregidora Pt 1FURIE Literary Salon
00:00 / 1:22:18

Audio recording from FURIE's first ever International Online Literary Salon. 

The original recording was a video chat, and the audio is fairly unedited, so we appreciate your patience as we figured out our logistics while discussing. Unfortunately, due to connection issues, we lost some audio at the end, but there is still plenty of good discussion to be heard. 

Title: Corregidora

Author: Gayl Jones

Literary Salon Dates:

Part 1: 4-25-20

Part 2: 5-9-20


PDF Link

Title: Emergent Strategy

Author: adrienne maree brown

Literary Salon Dates:

Part 1: 12-8-2019

Part 2: 1-26-2020

PDF Links: Part 1  Part 2


Title: (selections from) Sister Outsider

~The Transformation of Silence into Language & Action
~Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power
~The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House
~Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism

Author: Audre Lorde

Literary Salon Date: 10-20-2019

PDF Link

Title: Bloodchild (short story)

Author: Octavia Butler

Literary Salon Date: 9-1-2019

PDF Link


Title: The Evening & The Morning & The Night (short story)

Author: Octavia Butler

Literary Salon Date: 7-14-2019

PDF Link


Title: The Next American Revolution 

Author: Grace Lee Boggs

Literary Salon Dates:

Part 1: 4-21-2019

Part 2: 5-19-2019

PDF Link


TitleReflections in a Golden Eye 

Author: Carson McCullers

Literary Salon Date:


PDF Link

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