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The PanWomanist Easter Edition 2019

Featured Articles: The Olokun & Part of the Team

June 23, 2018

 “When we say we want equal rights, whose rights are we talking about? Equal to who? Who have the most rights? White men.”

- B. Katza, Philosopher

   End the male gaze by blinding men. Of course the first wave was not entirely successful. But we were united, hidden in plain sight. Through worldwide whisper networks we got enough guns to subdue them, enough tools to take their eyes but leave them otherwise intact.  Male infants from then on were circumcised and de-gazed a few hours after birth. It was the beginning of Peace.

    There can be no peace without equality, without a fundamental reordering of the scales. The magnitude of the project required careful gestation and implementa...

June 23, 2018

Though I consider myself bisexual or pansexual, it's been a long time since I’ve been with a man. I naturally gravitate more toward women and genderqueer people for many reasons. One of the simplest reasons is weariness of the bullshit of men, especially white men. While I still occasionally find myself physically attracted to men, I haven’t had interest in dating or being in any sort of relationship with a man for awhile. And as I explored the kink world, it had thus far only been with women, an explicit choice on my part.

So, I was initially torn when approached by a radical political organizer and fellow martial arts student with the possibility of growing my dominance by participating in a se...

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