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A Journal from the Fourth Wave Toward Revolution

The PanWomanist is a publication of FURIE (Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation). 

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The PanWomanist Easter Edition 2019

Featured Articles: The Olokun & Part of the Team

April 16, 2019

Part One

I could recognize her anywhere, especially in bat form. Agness, grand kiss-ass to the Vampiress Queens of Canal Street, her black wings tipped with a tinge of blood orange, accented against the warn dark night, a feature she was so proud off, flapped impatiently outside my window.

Bats are blind, yet her black beady bat eyes bore into me with the exact malevolence that I had leveled at her for the last 103 years. I was made 75 years before her, and although that’s minute in our time, any other vampiress would have respected the years.  But not Agness. I wonder how she found me?

I reflexively began to reach for a half-empty bottle of Ardbeg on the rickety dresser, but sanity prevailed. She...

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